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Opportunities Collaborative supports charter, parochial, and private schools of Erie and Niagara Counties by:

  • Offering training and professional development for school leaders, teachers , and governing boards so the schools they represent can best support students with disabilities.

  • Sharing effective practices for serving students with disabilities, for the Western New York region, the State of New York and nationally.

  • Advocating for students with disabilities, and their families, to assure that these students receive an appropriated inclusive education.

  • Working to ensure that the civil rights and educational best interests of students with special needs
    are protected.

  • Building capacity for all schools, particularly charter, private, and parochial schools, to provide
    high-quality related services.

  • Developing strong local, state and national partnerships with all stakeholders, districts, schools, philanthropies, institutes of higher education, community-based organizations, other advocacy groups, governmental agencies, among others, to increase opportunities, services, and resources afforded to students with special needs.

  • Enabling all schools to increase academic, socio-economic, and life skill outcomes for students with disabilities.

"I cannot thank you enough for helping give my students tools to help give them a better chance to succeed in math."

Mrs. McPherson, AIS Math, St. Mary's-Swormville

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